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Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Nissan Today!

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2024 Nissan Crossovers & SUVs lineup

2024 Nissan Crossovers & SUVs lineup

You can forget the dealership doldrums. Stouffville Nissan is revving up your adrenaline with the 2024 Nissan Crossover and SUV lineup! We're talking style that turns heads, tech that wows, and performance that hugs Canadian roads. Whether you're dodging potholes in Toronto's urban jungle or carving scenic Ontario pathways, Nissan engineered these rides for comfort, efficiency, and pure driving bliss. Buckle up; it's time to redefine your adventure!


Crossovers vs SUVs - What’s the Difference?

You don’t have to squeeze your crew into a sardine can anymore! Nissan's got your back, whether you're a city slicker navigating tight streets in a fuel-sipping Kicks or an adventure trailblazer craving the rugged power of a Pathfinder. Crossovers like the Rogue offer car-like handling and thrifty mileage, perfect for daily commutes or exploring hidden gems. 


SUVs like the Pathfinder boast truck-based muscle, ideal for hauling gear and conquering off-road challenges. So, ditch the confusion: think compact and fuel-efficient for everyday adventures or spacious and powerful for epic hauls. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless. Let Nissan guide you to your perfect driving match!


Crossovers that Accommodate the Whole Crew


Nissan Kicks and Qashqai are compact crunchers. They pack a serious punch for everyday adventures. Both seat five passengers comfortably. Kicks show off 716 litres of cargo, while Qasqai ups the ante with a whopping 1,500 litres. Don’t despair if you need gear space! Flexible seating lets you haul groceries, sports equipment, or road trips' worth of stuff. 


The Rogue and Murano are big on space and big on comfort. These crossovers also seat five but offer ample room for bulky items. Rogue handles 2,064 litres easily, and Murano isn’t far behind with 1,841 litres. Add heated seats and remote start for cozy winter convenience, making any journey a breeze. From daily errands to daring escapes, these Nissans flex their muscles for ultimate cargo and comfort.


Crossovers Navigate and Conquer


It’s time to strap on your funometer. Nissan’s crossover is ready to dial up your driving experience! The Kicks is a fuel-sipping champ with 6.6 L/100 km on the highway and still a nimble ninja on the road. You can fancy up your ride with Qashqai’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive. It conquers corners and cruises while savouring fuel like a hummingbird at 7.3 L/100 km. 


Do you need more muscle? The Rogue and Murano have your back with All-Terrain, Intelligent AWD to devour any adventure. Rogue’s like a chameleon, adapting to your mood with five Drive Modes. It’s perfect for conquering snow drifts or escaping to your cabin. Neither of these crossovers is afraid of a trailer with a towing muscle of 1,500 pounds. It’ll haul your ATVs, jet skis, or whatever your adventurous spirit craves.


Murano roars like a lion with its 3.5 litre V6 engine, unleashing 260 horsepower for an adrenaline rush. Rogue's no slouch, either. Its 1.5-litre VC-Turbo engine cleverly balances 201 horsepower with excellent fuel economy. Qashqai's 2.0-litre engine strikes a perfect chord of power and economy. At the same time, Kicks, the pocket rocket, uses its 1.6-litre engine and Xtronic CVT to blend power and efficiency seamlessly, proving that Nissan elevates every drive.


Crossover Steps into the Future


Do you dare to step into the future with the all-new electrifying arrival? Nissan Ariya turns it up a notch! The next-gen powers up to 389 horsepower. It conquers any terrain with a revolutionary e-4ORCE AWD. Relax in a lounge-like interior and explore farther with a range of up to 465 km. 


Nissan SUVs Unleash Unbound Adventure


Open the throttle on your adventurous spirit with Nissan's full-size SUVs. They're capable confidence boosters engineered to conquer any terrain and embrace any escape. Imagine carving mountain roads with legendary 4x4 performance or effortlessly navigating cityscapes with advanced driver-assistance features that have your back. Don't just explore. Conquer the unknown with unwavering power and precision.


SUV Your Way into Where Spaciousness Meets Sanctuary


Everyone needs a 7-seater SUV that feels like a first-class adventure mobile. The Pathfinder Platinum elevates the experience with standard second-row captain's chairs, while other variants offer a bench seat to accommodate up to eight passengers. The Armada, not to be outdone, also provides the option of captain's chairs or a bench seat, wrapping every passenger in extra space and luxury. 


Both models boast flexible seating configurations, allowing you to maximize cargo space – up to 2,701.8 litres in the Armada and 2,279 litres in the Pathfinder. From groceries and furniture to camping gear and bikes, Nissan's SUVs are packed with possibilities, ensuring you have everything you need to forge unforgettable memories. 


Nissan SUVs Powers Performance for Every Adventure


Do you want to ignite the inner road warrior within? All you need to know is that  Nissan's SUV lineup isn't just powerful; it's a pulse-pounding anthem played on asphalt and dirt. Imagine effortlessly conquering mountain passes with the Pathfinder's 284-horsepower V6 engine roaring under the hood. Thanks to its responsive 9-speed automatic and paddle shifters, you could also be carving canyons with sports-car-like agility. 


Those of you who want more muscle for your memories should look no further than the Armada. Its formidable 400-horsepower V8 engine is a feral beast, paired with a smooth 7-speed automatic to tame any terrain. Whether you're seeking family bonding moments or adrenaline-pumping escapades, the Armada's seating for eight ensures everyone gets a piece of the thrill.


Nissan doesn't stop at power; it equips you for any landscape with the Intelligent 4X4 system standard in both Pathfinder and Armada. This system is your off-road guardian angel, intelligently distributing torque for optimal traction and stability on every twist and turn. The Pathfinder offers five drive modes, letting you tailor its persona to your adventure. Armada's Snow Mode and elevated ground clearance invite you to confidently blaze new trails.


With Nissan SUVs, your adventure capacity expands exponentially. The Pathfinder impresses with a 6,000-pound towing capacity, easily hauling your boat or trailer to hidden fishing havens. But for those with even bigger dreams, the Armada reigns supreme with an astounding 8,500 pounds of towing prowess. Both vehicles feature a selectable tow mode, ensuring a smooth and stable ride and letting you venture further with everything you need.


Empower Your Inner Maverick with Your Nissan Soulmate

From the mountain-conquering Pathfinder and Armada to the city-slick Kicks and Qashqai, we've got an SUV or crossover designed to fuel your wanderlust. Every Nissan here is crafted with your epic adventures in mind. So, whether you're a fuel-conscious commuter or a weekend conqueror, a Nissan is waiting to become your perfect driving partner. Ditch the daydreams, visit Stouffville Nissan today, and turn your driving dreams into reality.


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