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2024 Nissan Sports Cars lineup | Stouffville Nissan

2024 Nissan Sports Cars lineup | Stouffville Nissan

Stouffville Nissan is thrilled to showcase the 2024 Nissan Sports Cars lineup, a testament to innovation, performance, and driving pleasure. As we delve into the latest offerings, the Nissan Z and Nissan GT-R stand out, embodying the spirit of both heritage and futuristic engineering.


Elevating Performance: The Nissan Z

In 2024, the Nissan Z makes an exhilarating return, starting at $53,832. This is a legacy reborn with a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine, unleashing 400 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. This powerhouse is complemented by a choice of a 6-speed manual or a smooth 9-speed automatic transmission, ensuring that every drive is a testament to the thrill of driving.


With a design that demands attention, the Nissan Z balances aesthetic allure with functional aerodynamics. Its cockpit is a driver-focused haven, featuring deep bucket seats, a GT-R®-inspired steering wheel, and an intuitive 8-inch touchscreen display. This blend of classic and contemporary ensures that the Nissan Z is as much a joy to drive as it is to behold.


The Pinnacle of Power: Nissan GT-R

Starting at $173,479*, the Nissan GT-R continues to redefine the limits of sports car performance. With a 565 horsepower 3.8-litre V6 engine and 467 lb-ft of torque, the GT-R marries precision engineering with raw power. The dual-clutch 6-speed transmission with R-Mode elevates the driving experience, offering unmatched responsiveness and exhilaration.


The GT-R's interior is a masterclass in luxury and functionality. Sport seats, wrapped in a single Nappa leather hide, and advanced connectivity features including Apple CarPlay® integration, ensure that comfort and technology go hand in hand. No matter the arena, the GT-R impresses at every turn.


Technological Mastery Meets Tradition


Both the Nissan Z and Nissan GT-R are marvels of technological innovation. From the NissanConnect® Services with onboard Wi-Fi to the digital dashboard and smartphone integration, these cars connect the driver to their vehicle and the road in unprecedented ways. Performance technologies like launch control and advanced suspension systems highlight Nissan's commitment to meet and exceed driver expectations.


Safety and Design: A Unified Vision


Safety is paramount in the 2024 Nissan Sports Cars lineup. Intelligent Cruise Control, RearView Monitor, and Intelligent Emergency Braking with advanced Pedestrian Detection are just a few of the advanced safety features that make driving a Nissan sports car as secure as it is thrilling.


The design of both the Nissan Z and GT-R speaks volumes about their capabilities. From the aerodynamic shapes that cut through the air with ease to the RAYS® forged-alloy wheels and Akebono® Performance Brakes, every detail is crafted for performance and aesthetic excellence.


Stouffville Nissan: Your Gateway to Thrill


At Stouffville Nissan, we're proud to be the bridge between these remarkable machines and the driving enthusiasts of Stouffville, Ontario. The 2024 Nissan Sports Cars lineup is a promise of adrenaline, performance, and unparalleled driving joy. Visit us to discover how Nissan continues to redefine the spirit of the modern sports car. 


*All pricing is based on Ontario MSRP and does not include taxes and fees. Dealer pricing may differ. Prices are subject to change anytime without notice.


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