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The Future of Nissan Driving - IMS

The Future of Nissan Driving - IMS

The Future of Nissan Driving: Nissan IMS Sport Sedan Concept

Nissan has been making innovative cars that set the standard in the auto industry for decades. They have unveiled their most incredible concept model yet, the Nissan IMS Sport Sedan Concept, a game changer. This electric vehicle is packed with futuristic technology, offering drivers a unique experience on the road. At Stouffville Nissan, we are excited to see this concept in action and what it means for the future of driving a Nissan.


Interior Features

The IMS Sport Sedan Concept is designed with a spacious interior, giving passengers more room for comfort and convenience. The concept's premier rear seat can be adjusted to provide a variety of seating configurations, while the three-seater bench will keep everyone comfortable on long trips. The interior also offers a unique invisible-to-visible technology, allowing drivers to see what is happening outside the car with augmented reality technology. The pioneering dashboard also gives access to myriad functions to enhance the driving experience.


Exterior Features

The IMS Sport Sedan Concept has an aero-inspired body and a low stance, giving the car an aggressive look. This revolutionary concept includes advanced LED lighting for easy visibility and a long wheelbase to give a futuristic feel. The floating roof adds to the aerodynamic design, giving the concept a sleek and stylish appearance. It also features butterfly doors powered by sensors, allowing easier access to the car's interior.



The electric configuration of the IMS Sport Sedan Concept allows for a smooth and powerful performance. This car has two electric motors, which provide strong acceleration and exceptional power. It delivers 590 lb-ft of torque and a range of up to 612 kilometres on a single charge, offering drivers the ultimate self-driving experience. The quick charging 115 kWh battery can deliver up to 483 horsepower, allowing drivers to enjoy an energy-efficient yet powerful ride.


Contact Us for More Information!

This revolutionary concept car is truly a marvel of engineering and design. At Stouffville Nissan, we are proud to have such an innovative and forward-thinking vehicle that we hope to showcase in our new inventory one day. Contact us to learn more about the IMS Sport Sedan Concept and how it can elevate your driving experience. You can also fill out a financing application to get behind the wheel of one of our innovative currently-available Nissan models today.

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