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Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Nissan Today!

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The Future Of Nissan Driving (XMOTION+IMS)

Innovation Of The Road: The Future Of Nissan Driving

Nissan is confidently continuing their strides into the future of automotive technologies by developing several hybrid and electric vehicles. The future models that Nissan is planning on offering, range from coupes to SUVs and all the way to pickup trucks.

The future models get based on principles set by the Nissan Intelligent Mobility idea. Nissan has two new innovative concept vehicles that recently got introduced to the market. These vehicles will undoubtedly form the foundations for many future Nissan models. Contact us if you would like to learn more about what Nissan has planned for the future.

The Nissan XMotion Concept and the Nissan IMS Concept

The Nissan XMotion Concept is a stylish three-row concept SUV model that displays Nissan's futuristic visions. The bold design of the XMotion stylishly combines a multitude of U-shaped and V-shaped body lines.

The XMotion offers a spacious 4+2 seating arrangement for its occupants, allowing up to six people to sit comfortably within the concept SUV model. Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology allows the XMotion to stay well-connected.

The Nissan IMS Concept is a futuristic sedan that wears its sleek design well. Designed to provide sporty performance, the new IMS Concept is fully autonomous. The IMS Concept is based on the Nissan Intelligent Mobility fundamentals, meaning that it delivers Intelligent Power, has Intelligent Integration, and provides Intelligent Driving.

The Nissan XMotion

The Nissan IMS

Drivers can choose to control and enjoy the sporty driving characteristic of the IMS Concept by switching the electric vehicle out of its fully autonomous driving mode into its manual mode. The dual-electric motor setup of the IMS Concept produces 483 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque.

Traditional Japanese patterns and styling have been used throughout the design of the IMS Concept, blending a modern style with historical figures.

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